Week in Review: How many MRI accidents go unreported? | Imaging steps up at Tokyo Olympics | Surveillance of young breast cancer patients

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

MRI safety is most definitely back on the news agenda, following the publication of a new survey from Sweden.

Researchers visited 13 MRI sites across the country and interviewed the managing radiographer about safety issues. They found that well over half of incidents go unreported, and awareness of European Union regulations is lacking in many facilities. You can find out more in the MRI Community.

Huge uncertainty and controversy have surrounded the Tokyo Olympics over the past 18 months, but sports fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that the action has begun. Over 1,500 scans of athletes are likely to be performed during the event, and you can read more in our news report.

What's the best imaging protocol for younger women who are at higher risk of breast cancer? Currently, these women often receive annual surveillance with mammography, and the radiation risk can accumulate over time. Is there a better way?

Perhaps, according to a presentation at the recent UK Imaging & Oncology Congress. Heather Mower, an advanced practitioner radiographer from Devon, England, discussed the radiation risk to younger women of annual mammography surveillance and offered some alternatives. Learn more in the Women's Imaging Community.

Radiology could do more to foster a "welcoming culture," according to Prof. Dr. Konstantin Nikolaou, who is due to become the president of the German Röntgen Society (DRG) in 2023. He's convinced that a new approach can make a big difference.

More also needs to be done to encourage transgender patients to attend screening exams, and an expert speaker recently listed four simple steps that can help here.

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