Positrigo promotes results from study on PET prototype

2020 03 09 20 45 0805 Pet Ct Machine 400

Positrigo has announced the successful completion of its ExploreBPET clinical study, which was conducted at the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the University Hospital Zurich.

The company clinically tested its brain PET prototype BPET in 10 study participants. The prototype is a small aperture PET scanner, designed to fit a human head. Participants had just finished their regularly scheduled PET examination on a clinical whole-body PET/CT system.

The company said the scanner showed feasibility for human brain in-vivo imaging. Nine out of the 10 participants said they liked sitting rather than lying down, which is required in a traditional PET scan.

Positrigo is preparing a scientific dissemination of the study's results to be presented at upcoming conferences.

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