Week in Review: Patient contact changes reports | U.K. advice on inappropriate requests | When will AI alter the future?

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

One aspect I love about my job is the unexpected. When we post a new article, nobody knows what response it'll get, and the outcome is often a big surprise.

A case in point is Tuesday's report about Swiss-Austrian research on the value of communication between radiologists and patients and how these exchanges can shape radiology reports -- a solid topic, but not exactly earth-shattering stuff, I thought. After two days, I was amazed at the volume of interest generated by our tweet promoting the article. It was retweeted 41 times, seen by around 25,000 people, and responsible for 1,700 engagements.

To find out what the fuss was about, check out this week's top story in our MRI Community.

Everybody knows unnecessary imaging requests are a waste of precious resources, but spotting them is not so easy. To help you, informatics expert Dr. Neelam Dugar and her team at the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists have produced new guidelines. Best of all, you can download them free of charge.

When will artificial intelligence (AI) alter the future of radiology? Five years? Ten years? Never? This and other questions are addressed in part 2 of a comprehensive global survey conducted by EuroMinnies 2021 Radiology Rising Star Dr. Merel Huisman and colleagues. The group's latest findings deserve a close look.

Meanwhile, evidence grows that AI is already having an impact in some areas. For instance, an AI algorithm can sharply decrease radiologist workload for screening mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis exams without hurting sensitivity, according to a large study from Spain. Find out more in our Women's Imaging Community.

In other important news, an inquest is underway in Melbourne, Australia, into the death of a 43-year-old woman after a wellness scan. The actions of radiologist Dr. Gavin Tseng have come under close scrutiny.

Finally, please do check in this weekend with RADCast @ ISMRM, our comprehensive coverage of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) virtual meeting. Our coverage starts on Saturday, 15 May, at ismrm.auntminnie.com.

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