Week in Review: How best to use social media | French CT study on PE | What will Brexit deal mean for radiology?

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Social media is simply too important to ignore. That's the conclusion many healthcare professionals are coming to. But working out a coherent, effective, and time-efficient social media strategy that ensures patient confidentiality is still not easy.

Interventional radiologist Dr. Chris Hammond has given considerable thought to this matter, and his latest column is worth a read. He also has some practical tips that work for him. Find out more in the Advanced Visualization Community.

The French have a strong track record when it comes to the detection of pulmonary embolism (PE), as shown by the pioneering work of Prof. Martine Rémy-Jardin, PhD, from Lille and others. Researchers from the Hôpital de la Cavale Blanche in Brest have published an important study this week on the use of CT pulmonary angiography in PE, and you won't want to miss it. Learn more in the CT Community.

What would Brexit mean for imaging? This was the question market analyst Steve Holloway addressed for us way back in early June 2016, before the U.K. referendum took place. He's now asked the same question again in a timely article on the new Brexit deal. Although some aspects have become clearer, a degree of uncertainty persists.

The tribunal involving radiologist Dr. Mathias Gruber took place just before Christmas, and the outcome may set a precedent on how much drinking is acceptable for hospital staff before a shift. He was fired from his job in March 2019, but the tribunal did not strike him off the U.K. medical register.

Finally, 3D printing continues to be an exciting technology, and research on the use of CT images acquired at ultralow radiation doses deserves a close look.

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