CT shows coin lodged in child's throat

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Doctors in China have removed a coin lodged in the back of a 3-year-old girl's throat after a CT scan showed that it had got stuck in her oesophagus, according to a story in the Daily Mail.

The toddler, named Bei Bei, was reportedly staying at home with her grandmother when she picked up and swallowed a one Yuan coin, which has about the same diameter as a British 10 pence piece, noted the Daily Mail.

Soon after swallowing the coin, Bei Bei started vomiting, and her grandmother called her parents. As Bei Bei's condition worsened, her mother rushed her to the Nanning Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangxi province, where a CT scan revealed a coin lodged in the upper part of the girl's oesophagus.

A physician scheduled an emergency operation to remove the coin. Bei Bei has since been discharged from the hospital and is reportedly doing well, the article noted.

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