Radiologist from Basel launches survey about p-value

2019 07 31 23 00 0165 Data Analytics 400

It's considered the gold standard by which statistical significance is proved: It is, of course, the p-value, and it still provides validation of research results. But there is an ongoing debate about whether p-value is still relevant today, given new trends in how to express statistical calculations, and this has prompted a radiologist from Basel to address the topic.

Dr. Tugba Akinci D'Antonoli, a radiologist and researcher at University Hospital Basel in Switzerland, will discuss the current and future relevance of p-value in her ECR 2020 presentation titled "The p-value controversy in statistics: what the radiologist needs to know." Her talk is scheduled for Thursday, 12 March, at C21 Coffee & Talk in the Austria Center.

In advance of the session, D'Antonoli would like ECR attendees to complete a survey to gather attitudes and perspectives on p-value.

"Life of P: Will it survive?" she asks. "Here is a challenge to refresh your memories of this fantastic movie and to come up with an understanding of where you stand with respect to [p]! We invite all radiologists and radiographers to participate in a survey on the interpretation of [p-values]."

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