Museum's thermal camera tips woman to breast cancer

2019 10 23 22 27 6008 Thermography 400

A British woman visiting a camera obscura museum for tourists discovered she had breast cancer after having a thermal imaging picture taken, according to a story posted online on 22 October at

Bal Gill of Berkshire visited Camera Obscura and World of Illusions in Edinburgh, Scotland, during a family vacation in May, the article noted. After having her picture taken with the museum's thermal imaging camera, she noticed a red spot on her left breast.

Once home, Gill did some research and discovered that thermal imaging is used to detect the presence of cancer, as blood flow and metabolism are higher in cancerous lesions than in other parts of the body, according to's report. Gill met with a doctor and was, in fact, diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, for which she is being treated.

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