New OCT technology captures complete 3D eye images

Researchers from Denmark have developed a new light source technology that allows clinicians to acquire complete 3D optical coherence tomography (OCT) images during eye exams.

Eye clinicians have long relied on OCT, a noninvasive imaging technique, to examine the eye and diagnose conditions such as cataracts. A major limitation of the modality has been its inability to acquire complete images of the eye due to the eye's continuous movement during exams.

Addressing this limitation, researchers from the Technical University of Denmark have developed a compact light-source technology capable of scanning the wavelengths of the visual spectrum much faster than existing methods. Once applied to OCT devices, the technology allows clinicians to capture full 3D OCT images of the eye, according to the group.

The researchers have teamed up with Denmark-based imaging device manufacturer Octlight on commercializing the technology.

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