ECR 2019: The congress that keeps giving | Radiologists' role with AI | Gadolinium breast MRI

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VIENNA - It does it every year: Just when your faith in the "European dream" is getting strained, then five uplifting days at ECR will restore your sense of belief in what the continent can achieve when everybody pulls together, knuckles down, and casts aside their national differences.

Collaboration was the buzzword at ECR 2019. It may sound a bit corny and clichéd, but it's the congress that just keeps giving.

During the past couple of days, we've posted some new video clips.

Artificial intelligence (AI) was of course the dominant theme this week, and Dr. Elmar Kotter, professor of radiology from Freiburg, Germany, explains about the radiologist's role after implementation of AI. He's convinced that radiology has no future if it does not embrace and strive to control the technology.

On a lighter note, if you haven't seen yesterday's three-minute fashion clip about wearing denim jeans at congresses, you should make time to view it.

The use of gadolinium contrast agents in breast MRI came under close scrutiny on Sunday, and don't miss our report about a new Viennese study on the topic.

We hope you've enjoyed our team's live onsite coverage from ECR 2019. For the full archive of news reports and videos, check out the RADCast @ ECR. Also, make sure you log back on regularly to the home page over the coming weeks for further articles and analysis.

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