Turkey prepares to offer huge imaging supply contract

The Turkish government will soon offer a supply contract for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of medical imaging and patient monitoring equipment, according to a report in Medtech Insight.

In a process scheduled for July 4, the Turkish government will accept bids on a 10-year contract for 54,593 devices, including 7,412 ultrasound systems, 3,326 digital radiography systems, 438 CT scanners, 350 MR systems, and 43,327 patient monitoring systems, according to Medtech Insight. The winning bidder will be required to supply all 54,593 systems, and manufacturing has to be performed in partnership with local companies.

Multinational companies such as Siemens Healthineers, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, and Hitachi Medical Systems are expected to participate in the bidding, Medtech Insight reported. Philips appears set to collaborate with Turkish home and professional appliances manufacturing group Vestel, while GE will likely partner with Aselan, a defense and communication technologies provider owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, according to the article.

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