Radiologists, radiographers vital in fighting osteoporosis

Radiologists and radiographers are vital players in the fight to curb osteoporosis because they identify vertebral fractures early, according to the U.K.'s National Osteoporosis Society.

Every year osteoporosis causes 500,000 broken bones and costs the National Health Service (NHS) 1.1 billion pounds (1.25 billion euros). The National Osteoporosis Society is tackling the problem by publishing new guidance designed to help diagnostic imaging professionals identify more vertebral fractures -- and it's calling on them to make a concerted effort to note and report any that they spot.

"Radiologists and radiographers are missing opportunities to identify patients at risk of osteoporosis every day because they are not reporting the vertebral fractures that can be seen on scans -- fractures that often indicate that a patient will go on to suffer more pain and misery and cost the already overburdened NHS more in terms of care and support," said National Osteoporosis Society Clinical Director Fizz Thompson.

The guidance may be downloaded from the society's website.

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