EOS partners with surgeons on biomechanical software

2016 01 21 14 34 34 20 Mount Sinai Beth Israel

Orthopedic digital imaging developer EOS Imaging announced a new partnership with Montreal-based Spinologics to develop biomechanical simulation software dedicated to spine surgery planning.

The software will be integrated into EOS Imaging's cloud-based 3D planning software and will allow surgeons to plan treatment from EOS 3D datasets, taking into account patient physiological parameters, the firms said.

The joint development effort will use patient-specific 3D datasets from EOS exams to simulate in situ bending, vertebral derotation, and contraction-distraction, as well as gravitational effects. The new capability should allow surgeons to better understand and anticipate the effects of forces on the spine while planning initial and revision surgeries, the firms added.

EOS imaging will have the exclusive rights to sell the new software worldwide with an anticipated release date of mid-2017.

Spinologics' team has been exploring the biomechanics of the spine for more than 25 years within academic and corporate research and development, and has developed dedicated software to simulate the biomechanical response to various approaches of spinal treatment.

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