Philips launches x-ray units from India

Philips Healthcare has launched two new x-ray systems developed in India and designed for export to the international market.

MobileDiagnost Opta is a mobile digital radiography (DR) system with a 35 x 43-cm detector that's available in either 16- or 32-kW generator configurations. The unit is lighter and more compact than motorized systems, and it includes Philips' Eleva user interface with presets and customized user profiles.

BV Vectra is a mobile C-arm for surgical applications that employs a 2.3-kW 40-kHz high-frequency x-ray generator and 1K x 1K imaging chain. The system also sports the company's MetalSmart metal artifact reduction technology and BodySmart protocol for quickly acquiring images, even at the edge of the image intensifier.

The two units were developed and are being manufactured at the Philips Healthcare Innovation Centre (HIC) at Chakan industrial area, near Pune, according to an article in, an Indian business website.

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