Report touts future of oncology imaging

A shift toward noninvasive or minimally invasive imaging methods is adding oncology imaging modalities to other clinical tools for the benefit of cancer patients, according to a new study by market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

The report found that oncology imaging is combining with methods such as in vitro tissue analysis, biomarker tests, and cancer screening to bring real-time monitoring of tumors to the clinical setting to help avoid unnecessarily damaging tissues.

In addition, molecular imaging provides imaging methods for in vivo monitoring of cellular and molecular processes, and new contrast agents are expected to advance the efficacy of cancer imaging and detection.

The report also explores nanotechnology and nanoprobes, which have the potential to aid in cancer imaging, as researchers develop nanoscale devices that can partner with functional molecules such as tumor-specific ligands, antibodies, and imaging probes for personalized cancer treatment.

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