How can radiology promote equity, diversity, and inclusion?

The consensus view is that promoting equity, diversity and inclusion is a worthy goal that leads to a happier and more productive workforce, but achieving it is not straightforward. We asked Dr. Anagha Parkar to reflect on what radiology needs to do to foster a more positive attitude. She also speaks about upcoming activities in this area at ECR 2024 in Vienna.

Parkar is chair of the ESR's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee, which forms part of the Young ESR Committee. She is a radiologist and clinical lead at Haraldsplass Diakonale Sykehus in Bergen, Norway, and a former president of the ESR's Radiology Trainees Forum. She has also been an active member of the Editorial Advisory Board of since the site was launched at ECR 2011.

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