Up close and personal with Carlo Catalano

If you thought the life of the ESR president is all about glitz and glamor, then think again. On his recent trip to India, Prof. Carlo Catalano spent a lot of the time hanging around in airport lounges, waiting for connecting flights. Also, running a department that has around 70 radiologists, 150 radiographers, and 80 radiology trainees and handles over 400,000 imaging exams a year, his life in Rome is both hectic and stressful.

Catalano is chair of radiology at Policlinico Umberto I and professor of radiology at Sapienza University of Rome. He has run the Radiology Training Program at Sapienza, the largest in Italy, for more than a decade. His main interests are cardiovascular imaging, oncologic imaging (especially abdominal and genitourinary diseases), and interventional radiology, and he was among the first users of MR angiography and MR-guided interventions.

Ahead of ECR, the man in charge of ECR 2024 speaks about how his management philosophy and approach, his advice to young radiologists, and his life outside of radiology.

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