Video from ECR 2022: Valentin Sinitsyn on how Russian radiology is doing

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VIENNA - How have Russian radiologists fared since February 2022? Has there been widespread disruption? How many of them have made the trip to ECR 2022? For answers, we spoke with Prof. Valentin Sinitsyn, who is president of the Russian Society of Radiology.

Sinitsyn was also president of the ECR in 2014. He is the chair of the radiology department at the Federal Medical and Rehabilitation Center in Moscow, the director of the radiology course of the medical faculty at Moscow Lomonosov University, and a pioneer of MRI and CT in Russia. He has collaborated with Ukrainian radiologists for many years.

Prof. Valentin Sinitsyn is president of the Russian Society of Radiology. Video produced by Christof.G.Pelz |GRAFIFANT Creation.| | 2022

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