Moscow puts spotlight on AI developments

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AI-enabled technology can now detect up to 10 pathologies on a single CT scan, according to communication from the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine of the Moscow Health Department.

Two complex services have been successfully launched that can identify adrenal lesions on CT scans. Since the integrated AI service began, over 270,000 medical images have been analyzed.

The AI algorithms can also identify signs of lung cancer, COVID-19, osteoporosis, and other diseases at the same time, the statement said. They do so by using color cues to highlight areas of potential pathologies on medical images. The neural network performs diagnostic measurements automatically.

The center said the developments reflect a focus on AI integration into medical imaging since 2020. They are part of a larger initiative to incorporate computer vision technologies into the city's medical institutions.

This research is being conducted in conjunction with the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine of the Moscow Healthсare Department and the Department of Information Technologies.

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