ECR 2019 abstract submissions reach record number

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) has received a record number of abstract submissions for the 2019 annual ECR meeting.

ESR tallied 8,469 submitted abstracts, which represents an increase of 18% from 7,198 submissions received for ECR 2018.

ESR noted a 61% increase in abstract submissions in interventional radiology, compared with a year ago, while hybrid, molecular, and translational imaging increased 150% from last year and neuro experienced a 12% gain from ECR 2018. Artificial intelligence and machine learning abstracts also are trending upward, with 263 more submissions than last year.

In addition, abstracts submitted for the radiographers' program rose 62%, which, ESR said, is a "strong sign of the growing community involved in the ECR."

ESR also released a list of the top 11 countries and their abstract increase compared with ECR 2018. They are as follows:

  1. Italy (+23%)
  2. Spain (+17%)
  3. India (+84%)
  4. China (+13%)
  5. Germany (+16%)
  6. U.K. (+3%)
  7. Japan (+6%)
  8. U.S. (+44%)
  9. Russian Federation (+2%)
  10. Egypt (+41%)
  11. Republic of Korea (+9%)

ECR's global outreach program, ESR meets, also appears to be succeeding, with abstract submissions from Africa up 92% and from Pakistan up 247%.

ECR 2019 will take place 27 February through 3 March. Registration is now open.

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