Mindray launches new X-Insight scanner at ECR 2018

Ultrasound vendor Mindray Medical launched its new X-Insight ultrasound scanner at ECR 2018 in Vienna.

The new scanner features Mindray's new X-Engine, which combines multicore parallel processing with both central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) for faster imaging and better image clarity, particularly for 3D and 4D applications.

The scanner's transducers use the company's 3T technology (triple-matching layers, total cut design, and thermal control), with a brand-new single-crystal volume and wider bandwidth for convex and phased-array transducers. The design results in better penetration and higher resolution for ob/gyn, cardiology, and abdominal applications.

Mindray also highlighted its ComboWave transducer, with a new type of piezoelectric material that optimizes the acoustic spectrum and reduces acoustic impedance. When integrated with the company's 3T technology, ComboWave linear transducers deliver high performance for thyroid, breast, vascular, and other applications.

X-Sight also includes Mindray's All-Smart Exams, designed to improve scanning efficiency with better accuracy and consistency. The scanner also includes design features to improve ergonomics and user comfort.

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