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62-year-old woman with acute neurological symptoms
10 June 2013 -- A 62-year-old woman is admitted with acute visual symptoms, acute amnesia, and unsteady gait. She has no previous history and has not been admitted to hospital before.

17-year-old boy with history of intracranial hemorrhage
1 April 2013 -- A 17-year-old boy with spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage in childhood.

26-year-old man with epilepsy
18 February 2013 -- A 26-year-old man with epilepsy was referred for diagnostic checkup. He had experienced tonic-clonic generalized seizures for several years.

2-year-old boy with listlessness, irritability, and vomiting
21 January 2013 -- A 2-year-old boy presents with listlessness, irritability, and vomiting.

32-year-old man with headache
10 December 2012 -- A 32-year-old man with intermittent headache for a period of three months.

Young woman in car accident with head injury
15 October 2012 -- Young woman in car accident with head injury.

83-year-old woman with resolving neurological symptoms
24 September 2012 -- An 83-year-old woman with no relevant past medical history presents with dysphagia and left arm weakness that resolved.

42-year-old man with trigeminal neuralgia
18 June 2012 -- A 42-year-old man with trigeminal neuralgia.

39-year-old woman with movement disorders
19 March 2012 -- A 39-year-old woman was referred to the department of neurology due to unsteady gait and slowly, progressive loss of coordination.

2 patients with mild cognitive impairment
23 January 2012 -- A 65-year-old woman and a 74-year-old man with cognitive impairment.

50-year-old patient with sudden loss of consciousness
19 December 2011 -- A 50-year-old patient was admitted to the emergency room after a sudden loss of consciousness.

70-year-old man with headache
5 December 2011 -- A 70-year-old man with headache.

22-year-old woman with acute change in mental status
10 October 2011 -- A 22-year-old woman was referred to the emergency room with acute aphasia, orofacial apraxia, right-sided hemiplegia, and severe migraine.

34-year-old woman with migraines
19 September 2011 -- A 34-year-old woman with migraine headaches and intermittent visual disturbances.

70-year-old woman with headache
23 May 2011 -- A 70-year-old woman with headache.

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