Pocketed knife gets man 3 months in jail

A man from Aberdeen, Scotland, found out the hard way it is best to check your pockets before an x-ray.

Jordan Rae faces three months in jail after the staff at Fraserburgh Hospital found a knife in the man's pocket, according to a 30 May report in the Press and Journal.

The saga began in early March with Rae's aggressive behavior, which clinicians attributed to the influence of drugs or alcohol. Subsequently, the local police department was called.

Rae calmed down by the time police arrived, but the officers decided to follow Rae's ambulance to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary's emergency department. It was there they noticed an object that looked like a knife in Rae's pocket. Upon further inspection, they found a lock knife with the blade exposed.

This incident cost Rae three months and 10 days in jail.

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