French private radiologists unveil new committee

France's national union of independent radiologists (FĂ©dĂ©ration Nationale des MĂ©decins Radiologues, FNMR) has announced the composition of its new committee, which has begun a three-year term of office with the re-elected president, Dr. Jean-Philippe Masson, at its helm.

In a statement released on Monday, the FNMR's committee pledged it would continue to fight against measures imposed by France's national union of health insurers (Union nationale des caisses d'assurance maladie, UNCAM) relating to the reduction in tariffs for technical acts and the removal of the Z code for reimbursement. According to the statement, the committee also intends to promote the central role played by imaging and independent radiologists in patient care and public health, while its actions will target the national provision of radiology services, equal access to MRI for all patients across France, radiologist demographics, emergency radiology, and the implementation of high quality teleradiology.

FNMR's proposed five-year project, "Access to quality and modern medical imaging for all," is due to be announced at a press conference on 29 June, while the project's finalized format will be launched on 14 October during France's national radiology congress, Journées Françaises de Radiologie (JFR) 2017.

The new committee comprises the following:

  • First Vice President Dr. Bruno Silberman
  • General Secretaries Dr. Jean-Christophe Delesalle, Dr. Jean-Charles Leclerc
  • Assistant General Secretaries Dr. Paul Marie Blayac, Dr. Philippe Coquel
  • Treasurer Dr. Dominique Masseys
  • Assistant Treasurer Dr. Jean-Charles Guilbeau
  • Vice presidents in charge of specific missions Dr. Eric Chavigny, Dr. Eric Guillemot, Dr. Robert Lavayssière, Dr. Patrick Souteyrand
  • Vice presidents responsible for liaison with representative unions Dr. Philippe Arramon Tucco, Dr. Pierre Jean Ternamian, Dr. Jean-Louis Puech
  • Vice Presidents Dr. Thierry Blanc, Dr. Jean-Charles Bourras, Dr. François Brunetti, Dr. Philippe Caquelin, Dr. Eric Chevallier, Dr. Alexandra Coupteau, Dr. Alain François, Dr. Laurent Lardenois, Dr. Bernard Woerly
  • Members Dr. Christian Fortel, Dr. François Jambon, Dr. Eric Madeuf, Dr. Philippe Morin
  • Committee experts Dr. Marianne Berr Mattel, Dr. Michel Legmann, Dr. Pierre-François Robache
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