Leipzig prepares to host 97th German national congress

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For the first time, the annual meeting of the German Radiological Society (DRG), the 97th German radiological conference (RöKo), will take place in the city of Leipzig from 4 to 7 May. International lectures are due to feature prominently, and a special session will focus on gadolinium in the brain.

The conference will be held in the Leipzig Congress Center under the title "Exploring new avenues." It will take place in the city until the year 2020. The scientific focus of the biggest German-language conference on medical imaging will be on the topics of diseases of the spine, breast imaging, ultrasound, and errors and complications in radiology.

Congress President Dr. Peter Landwehr. Image courtesy of Maren Kolf, Wedemark.Congress President Dr. Peter Landwehr. Image courtesy of Maren Kolf, Wedemark.

The DRG is expecting about 7,000 visitors. Exhibitors will have an area of 5,000 square meters to display their products and services.

The organizing team -- led by Dr. Peter Landwehr, professor and head of radiology at Diakovere Henriettenstift in Hannover, chair of the conference -- is staging the Leipzig events in one of the most modern conference centers in Europe.

"The aim is to identify new avenues in diagnostics, therapy, and care management and discuss them together," he explained.

The current debate about possible deposits in the brain in the context of MRI contrast agents is also to be the subject of a special session. The guest speaker in the opening event on 5 May will be Dr. Frank Montgomery, president of the German Medical Association, who will talk about current challenges, opportunities, and risks in healthcare.

Cooperation with RSNA

In addition to a large number of hands-on workshops, a new method for the transfer of knowledge will be presented as part of the "Fit-for-the-Specialist" courses. The tablet-based RSNA system, Diagnosis Live, enables users and also teams to identify and annotate medical cases themselves on their electronic devices, as an alternative to the traditional lecture format.

For the second time, RöKo International is organizing an English-language program with high profile participants. Seven international sessions are scheduled to take place. The topics to be covered are the future of imaging, the liver and beyond, cardiovascular imaging's future, joints and bones, the essentials of brain imaging, head and neck radiology made easy, and chest imaging: not only nodules. To get the full details, click here.

The broad range of topics at the conference is also reflected in the program for medical technicians, particularly in the clinical seminars, with many hands-on courses that will take place on each day of the conference at Leipzig University Hospital and Leipzig St. Georg Hospital. Through the sponsorship program "Hellste Köpfe" (Brightest Minds), students will once again be able to attend the conference free of charge and benefit from a special student package.

Editor's note: This is an adapted version of a translation of an article published in German online by the DRG. Translation by Syntacta Translation & Interpreting. To read the German article, visit the DRG website.

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