UKIO: Patients should see their scans, but with care

Patients should be able to see their imaging scans, but with guidance, according to research presented at the UK Imaging & Oncology Congress (UKIO) in Liverpool.

A survey presented by researcher William Cox from Imperial College London and the University of Portsmouth showed that medical staff members support the idea that patients should have access to their medical scans. However, they do have concerns that this could lead to misinterpretations.

Cox and colleagues surveyed 121 clinicians and 282 patients about their opinions on the sharing of scans. The group found that 94% of patients want to have access to their medical scans and 79% of doctors agree they should.

"Respondents confirmed that sharing images with patients may provide benefits, but there are risks inherent to this process," Cox's group concluded. "There is a need, therefore, for further work seeking clarification of how identified benefits and risks can be effectively managed."

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