10 tips to improve productivity | Lung CAD gains momentum | Austrians boost breast screening sensitivity

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Make your task manageable, seek and give regular feedback, and don't get stale.

These are three of the top tips given by Dr. Giles Maskell on how to improve your reporting productivity. As one of the U.K.'s most experienced and respected radiologists, he should know what he's talking about. To read his words of wisdom, go to our MRI Community, or click here.

The ability of computer-aided detection (CAD) to pick up large pulmonary nodules on thoracic CT scans is increasing steadily, as shown by a recent collaboration between Scottish and Dutch researchers. Initial screening chest CT scans from patients in Glasgow, U.K., were sent for analysis at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. For the findings, visit the Advanced Visualization Community, or click here.

Meanwhile, an Austrian team has shown that supplemental ultrasound can improve cancer detection in the screening of women at average risk of breast cancer while maintaining recall and biopsy rates at an acceptable level. Get the full story in the Women's Imaging Community, or by clicking here.

Overdiagnosis in breast cancer screening remains a controversial topic, and a group of researchers from Italy, Denmark, and the U.K. have taken a close look at the evidence. What did they discover? Find out here.

Private radiologists in France have become embroiled in a bitter, protracted dispute over reimbursement, but thankfully they signed an agreement last week with the union of health insurers. Click here for the details.

Last but not least, Dr. Elisabetta Giannotti has prepared a fascinating original case of a 60-year-old woman who presented with shortness of breath after recently being treated for severe pneumonia. The diagnosis may well come as a surprise. Test yourself here.

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