BJR launches CPD questions

The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) said it has launched continual professional development (CPD) questions on selected articles in the British Journal of Radiology (BJR) and BJR|case reports. The institute has previously provided CPD for its multidisciplinary community through educational events and online resources, making expansion of CPD questions to its journals a logical next step, BIR said.

Each article with CPD questions will have at least five peer-reviewed questions to complete. The CPD questions can be completed after reading the article. A pass rate of at least 75% is needed to earn a certificate. Certificates can be downloaded at any time.

In anticipation of the change, BIR said it has incorporated CPD questions into the editorial process for all BJR titles to ensure the list of articles with CPD questions continues to grow. The institute also encourages authors to create multiple-choice questions to challenge the reader's understanding of what they have read. Authors can add questions to complement their manuscript, and these will be peer-reviewed at the same time as the article.

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