Toshiba launches new 80-row CT scanner at UKRC

2017 06 09 11 21 46 514 Toshiba Ecr 2017 400

Toshiba Medical Systems Europe is launching a new 80-row multislice CT scanner, called Aquilion Prime SP, at next week's U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC) in Manchester.

Aquilion Prime SP includes a number of Toshiba technologies designed to meet increasing demands for superior imaging and outstanding economic performance, according to the company. It includes technologies such as Toshiba's PureVision Optics mode, which makes up to 40% more efficient use of x-rays. The scanner also supports automated kV selection based on patient size and clinical application, and when used as part of Toshiba's SureExposure protocol, it can help optimize contrast use.

Aquilion Prime SP also includes other Toshiba features such as single-energy metal artifact reduction (SEMAR) for removal of metal artifacts, a dual-energy mode for identifying calcifications, and iodine maps and virtual noncontrast imaging for better lesion detectability. The scanner also sports new three-phrase variable helical parameter (VHP) mode, which enables users to change imaging parameters and table speed in the same exam, combining up to three protocols into a single scan.

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