Siemens launches fluoro system in Europe

Siemens Healthcare has made available its new Luminos Agile digital fluoroscopy system in Europe, after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the product in June 2011.

The product is Siemens' first under-table x-ray system with a flexible height-adjustable table. It can be lowered to 65 cm or raised to 112 cm. The table has a 275-kg capacity and a 60-cm opening between the table and the detector, making it easier to examine obese and immobile patients. Patients in wheelchairs can undergo fluoroscopy exams while seated in wheelchairs: the table is tilted 90°, and the wheelchair can be positioned between the detector and table. A 43 x 43-cm dynamic flat-panel digital detector allows for wider coverage of anatomical regions; for example, the entire abdomen may be captured in a single image.

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