Canon announces carbon offset milestone

Canon Medical Systems U.K. announced it has offset 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide from ultrasound, x-ray, CT, and MRI systems installed in U.K. hospitals over the past 3.5 years through its carbon offset program.

The company calculates the carbon footprint of each of its imaging products used in National Health Service (NHS) trusts and private hospitals, and translates this measure into tons of carbon. It then contributes to a sustainability project in a developing company.

For example, Canon's 1.5-tesla MRI system has a carbon offset footprint of 226.78 tons; the company then helps 245 people in Kenya and Uganda by providing 35 fuel-efficient stoves to address the problems caused by cooking on open fires, such as smoke particles in the air and deforestation for firewood.

The program is managed by specialty firm CO2balance and monitored by the United Nations, the company said.

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