Euromedic to implement GE dose tracking

Euromedic International has announced a plan to track, share, and manage radiation dose data among its institutions in nine European countries, using software and services from GE Healthcare.

Euromedic has contracted with GE to connect its CT scanners to GE's DoseWatch program to compare, contrast, and manage dose, with the goal to optimize the amount of radiation dose patients receive during CT exams. Euromedic expects that 70% of its CT scanners in those nine countries will be equipped with DoseWatch technology by the end of this year. The remaining 30% will be connected by the end of 2015.

Euromedic CEO Dimitris Moulavasilis said the initiative helps shape a new paradigm in patient safety. Drawing on its international scale, Euromedic can utilize data from its scanners all over Europe on an ongoing basis to develop the lowest, most effective dose protocols.

Euromedic noted that effective management of ionizing radiation dose from medical imaging has become a high priority for radiologists, radiographers, and hospital directors throughout Europe in the wake of recent European Union legislation regarding guidelines for member states.

The European Directive details specific measures that must be in place by February 2018 on the use of radiation for medical treatments and diagnostics, including justification of the use of radiation and optimization of dose.

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