EOS highlights results from 2 studies

Orthopedic digital imaging firm EOS Imaging is highlighting two new studies supporting the use of its 3D digital radiography (DR) technology to assist in the evaluation of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS).

The first study, conducted by the Laboratoire de Biomécanique in Paris and published in the European Spine Journal, used the EOS system to obtain 3D spinal images of 30 patients with AIS. It showed there is high variability among individual patients in terms of the effectiveness of bracing key spinal parameters such as 3D Cobb angles.

The second study, by clinicians at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, used 3D imaging provided by the EOS system to evaluate the immediate effects of two common braces on the spine. Researchers concluded braces differ in their treatment impact.

Researchers in both studies noted the low-dose 3D imaging enabled with the EOS system allows for enhanced control of the bracing and the assessment of the disease progression and corrective impact of bracing treatment.

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