Malaffi: Abu Dhabi HIS gets brand name

The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) in the United Arab Emirates has created a brand name, Malaffi, for its hospital information system (HIS). The English language translation of Malaffi is "my file."

SEHA launched its HIS (Millenium, Cerner) in 2008 at Tawam hospital. It is now implemented in 12 hospitals and 62 clinics, and currently has more than 1.7 million patient records.

Malaffi allows healthcare providers to access all patient information contained in electronic medical records (EMRs), including radiology reports and diagnostic images. This instantaneous access is intended to speed diagnosis and delivery of treatment, and improve patient care by reducing medical errors, redundant diagnostic tests, and prescription drugs.

SEHA has endorsed HIMSS Analytics' electronic medical records adoption model (EMRAM). Corniche Hospital, a 235-bed facility managed by Johns Hopkins Medical International, has achieved the stage 6 level, placing it among the top 5% of global hospitals that have reached near complete EMR adoption. Al Ain Hospital, Al Rahba Hospital, Mafraq hospital, SKMC, and Tawam Hospital are in stage 5 of the seven-stage process.

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