Phase-contrast imaging can cut mammogram dose
December 12, 2016 -- Optimized x-ray phase-contrast imaging could deliver comparable image quality to mammography, but at a much lower dose, a European research project has found. The technique was demonstrated using a synchrotron source, but is compatible with lab-based, polychromatic x-ray sources.  Discuss
Study: Reduce CT kV levels to lower breast dose in patients
December 7, 2016 -- Despite a short scan length and relatively small dose length product, contrast-monitoring scans can account for 27% of the overall breast dose accrued from a CT pulmonary angiography study, according to Irish researchers. A small tweak to the kilovoltage (kV) can significantly reduce radiation dose to the breast, they noted.  Discuss
Heindel considers pros and cons of breast screening
November 23, 2016 -- Dr. Walter Heindel helped to pioneer Germany's mammographic screening program. In 2005, his team was among the first to offer routine early detection of breast cancer. In this interview, he outlines the risks, opportunities, and future of the national program.  Discuss