Don't overlook MRI in fetal brain abnormalities
October 13, 2016 -- Use in utero MRI in conjunction with prenatal ultrasound scans when diagnosing fetal brain abnormalities -- that's the message from U.K. researchers, who found in utero MRI makes a "significant contribution" to the diagnosis by increasing accuracy when compared with ultrasound alone.  Discuss
EU-funded photoacoustic breast project sparks interest
October 11, 2016 -- Move over mammography: There's a new imaging device to detect breast cancer. Or there will be in about four years if everything goes according to plan with a large Dutch-led research consortium funded by the European Union (EU).  Discuss
Italy releases new guidelines for breast cancer follow-up
September 27, 2016 -- Two Italian medical societies have joined forces to develop a position paper on breast imaging follow-up of women with a history of breast cancer. A key recommendation is dedicated follow-up for at least 10 years, according to author Dr. Francesco Sardanelli and colleagues.  Discuss
Breast MRI survey reveals wide variations across Europe
September 26, 2016 -- Breast indications for MRI differ vastly across Europe, but techniques are closer to U.S. practice than anticipated, according to a new survey presented for the first time at the European Society of Breast Imaging annual meeting, which ended in Paris on 24 September.  Discuss