NHS offers guidance on ransomware response
May 15, 2017 -- The U.K. National Health Service (NHS) is directing facilities to a security patch designed to counter the 12 May cyberattacks that crippled many healthcare facilities in the country. The NHS has also issued a series of guidances to trusts on how to respond to the attacks.  Discuss
Massive cyberattack cripples U.K. health services
May 12, 2017 -- England and Scotland have been hit by a large-scale cyberattack that has compromised National Health Service facilities in both countries, including radiology services, according to news and social media reports from affected facilities.  Discuss
PACS alerts can boost communication with referrers
May 10, 2017 -- A fatal accident due to an oversight by a referring physician has prompted staff at a radiology department to implement a PACS alert system, and it's already helping to improve communication and collaboration between radiologists and referring physicians.  Discuss
Why all the fuss about artificial intelligence?
May 10, 2017 -- There's been a lot of talk recently about artificial intelligence in radiology. The question on everybody's mind is: "Will artificial intelligence replace radiologists?" Imaging informatics columnist Dr. Neelam Dugar is convinced it will add value by making radiologists smarter and better diagnosticians.  Discuss
CAD, 3D rendering give boost to surgical planning
May 8, 2017 -- Virtual simulations of interventional and surgical procedures using open-source computer-aided detection (CAD) software is improving the accuracy of preoperative planning in corrective jaw surgery, German researchers have found.  Discuss
Dutch present strategic vision for 2020
April 28, 2017 -- The Radiological Society of the Netherlands has devised a roadmap to help reach its main goals for the future. Dr. Hildo Lamb provides the background to the project and explains why information technology and multidisciplinary cooperation both will have a crucial role to play.  Discuss
E-learning in radiology prospers at Tuebingen
April 26, 2017 -- Trainees and medical students at Germany's Tübingen University can now experience radiology digitally. The TueRad e-learning platform lets them work on specific cases and gives them a realistic picture of what radiology is all about.  Discuss
Attention focuses on added value of clinical audits
April 11, 2017 -- Compulsory clinical audits are on the horizon. Skeptics fear they are time-consuming and costly, interrupting daily practice and resulting in stressful and hurried activity followed by a gradual slackening in standards once the audit is over. But a Belgian group thinks otherwise.  Discuss
Spanish present 15-point plan to reduce error rates
April 5, 2017 -- A group of experienced radiologists from Madrid has developed a comprehensive, practical approach to cut error rates by adopting methods such as standardized imaging protocols. They collected a certificate of merit at ECR 2017 in Vienna for their efforts.  Discuss
Clinicians glean more from structured radiology reports
April 3, 2017 -- Several studies in the literature have found that clinicians would prefer to receive structured instead of unstructured radiology reports. But the structured format also yields valuable benefits such as better comprehension of the key information contained in the report, an Irish research team found.  Discuss