Dutch shed light on pros and cons of breast MRI
June 25, 2019 -- Dutch researchers have found that MRI detects breast cancer earlier than digital mammography in women with a family history of the disease but without known genetic mutations. The improved detection comes at a risk of more false positives, however.  Discuss
European Diploma in Radiology: How it works
June 21, 2019 -- The European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) has become a benchmark for medical specialty examinations in Europe. But what do you actually need to know about the EDiR, how is it organized, and how can it boost your career? Prof. Laura Oleaga Zufiría explains.  Discuss
Podcast: Finding a winning formula in sports imaging
June 19, 2019 -- Imaging of elite athletes requires a sound knowledge of anatomy and the type of injuries encountered, as well as hard work and commitment, says musculoskeletal radiologist Dr. Gajan Rajeswaran. In this podcast, he lifts the lid on sports imaging and speaks about unusual cases.  Discuss
Video from UKIO 2019: Gajan Rajeswaran on football
June 11, 2019 -- LIVERPOOL, U.K. - It was a record-breaking season for English Premier League clubs, but how do they deal with suspected injuries? After the UK Imaging & Oncology Congress (UKIO) session on sports, Dr. Gajan Rajeswaran shared his experiences of imaging football injuries, particularly those of the tendon and muscle.  Discuss
Video from UKIO 2019: Erika Denton on turnaround times
June 10, 2019 -- LIVERPOOL, U.K. - Pressure to improve turnaround times for image reporting continues to grow. Nearly a year since a damning report from the U.K. regulator, progress is being made on establishing national standards and avoiding further backlogs of unreported scans, said Prof. Erika Denton at this week's UK Imaging & Oncology Congress (UKIO).  Discuss
Deep learning provides boost for liver imaging
May 30, 2019 -- Two German radiologists have developed a deep-learning algorithm to assist with liver MRI scans. The procedure can also be applied to other diagnostic issues, delegates learned at the 100th German Radiology Congress in Leipzig.  Discuss
Clinical shoulder MRI becomes viable at 7 tesla
May 29, 2019 -- German researchers have shown that high-quality MRI scans of the shoulder can be acquired in 25 minutes at 7 tesla, making the technique clinically feasible and a realistic alternative to arthroscopy and 1.5-tesla MRI. They presented their findings at the recent International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine annual meeting.  Discuss
Forsting: Brain imaging for metastasis is not easy
May 29, 2019 -- Radiologists must beware of normal brain images in cancer patients with neurological symptoms and adopt more sensitive techniques to catch brain metastasis. That's the view of Prof. Michael Forsting, who will deliver a keynote lecture on this topic today at the 100th German Radiology Congress (RöKo 2019), to be held from 29 May to 1 June in Leipzig.  Discuss
What lies ahead for MRI contrast agents?
May 28, 2019 -- It will be extremely difficult to develop a new MR contrast agent that fulfills unsatisfied clinical needs and has a large enough range of applications to justify the development costs, writes the Maverinck. We present the second part of his column about MRI's future.  Discuss
DRG prepares to unveil book at 100th congress in Leipzig
May 24, 2019 -- The German Radiological Society (DRG) is to launch a new book about medical imaging's current and future role during the upcoming 100th German Radiology Congress (RöKo 2019), which begins in Leipzig on 29 May.