Sodickson: ISMRM can play sheriff in AI's Wild West
June 19, 2018 -- The imaging artificial intelligence (AI) landscape is like the Wild West right now, but the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) can act as the sheriff, according to Dr. Daniel Sodickson, PhD, the society's president.  Discuss
TOF-PET/MRI allows lower FDG dose for breast cases
June 18, 2018 -- Clinicians can reduce a standard dose of FDG by as much as 90% and still achieve clinically acceptable PET image quality in time-of-flight (TOF) PET/MRI scans for breast cancer, according to a Swiss study published online on 7 June in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
Faster MRI protocol avoids unneeded prostate biopsies
June 14, 2018 -- The use of a streamlined MRI protocol could help reduce unnecessary biopsies by as much as 30% in men suspected of having prostate cancer, according to a study published online June 8 in JAMA Network Open.  Discuss
World Cup imaging kicks off on the right foot
June 13, 2018 -- As football fans across the globe gear up for the start of the World Cup in Russia on Thursday, radiologists and other medical teams are putting the finishing touches to their own operations and expertise to ensure optimal diagnosis and treatment for injured players.  Discuss
Why patient communication's central to better cancer care
June 8, 2018 -- BRUSSELS - Effective communication among radiologists, referring physicians, and patients is essential to advance care, Lieve Wierinck, a Belgian Member of the European Parliament and cancer survivor, told attendees at a special seminar held on 6 June.  Discuss
Radbruch: Get savvy on gadolinium deposition
June 6, 2018 -- A wording problem exists in the current debate about gadolinium deposition, and it's essential for radiologists to become better informed about the newest animal studies and the underlying theory of gadolinium deposition, according to Dr. Alexander Radbruch, JD, a leading German researcher in the field.  Discuss
New software creates personalized 'virtual brain' models
May 30, 2018 -- Researchers from Belgium have created virtual models of the brain individually tailored to patients' functional MR images, according to an article published online on 28 May in eNeuro. These models can predict the effects of brain tumors and may help improve surgical planning for their removal.  Discuss
Global study sheds light on MRI availability, use, and price
May 17, 2018 -- New analysis posted on 8 May by the Kaiser Family Foundation has revealed fresh data about the worldwide availability, use, and price of MRI. The information was published as part of a forum held by the foundation and the Peterson Center on Healthcare in Washington, DC, U.S.  Discuss
Fluciclovine-PET, MRI better together for prostate cancer
May 14, 2018 -- Combining fluciclovine-PET and multiparametric MRI potentially can better detect and classify high-risk prostate cancer than the two modalities alone, according to a Norwegian study published in the May issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
RöKo: Molecular imaging can transform dementia care
May 11, 2018 -- Imaging of dementia has come under close scrutiny at the German Radiology Congress (Deutscher Röntgenkongress, RöKo 2018) in Leipzig. In this interview, Dr. Henryk Barthel from Leipzig outlines how PET/MRI can contribute to better patient management.  Discuss