Does breast MRI hold future for mammography market?
March 8, 2017 -- Clinical evidence supporting the use of MRI for breast imaging is growing in volume and credibility. Further research is required, but evidence suggests MRI has a significant future role to play. So why have we seen little or no commercial impact from breast MRI? Market analyst Stephen Holloway reports.  Discuss
Top 5 trends from ECR 2017 in Vienna
March 7, 2017 -- The stunning flower-and-skull display that formed the centerpiece of ECR 2017 certainly looked impressive in everybody's photos, on social media, and in the daily newspaper. But what were the truly lasting impressions and meaningful issues to take away from this year's congress in Vienna? Our editorial team has put together a list of five key themes.  Discuss
MRI monitors fat for bariatric surgery
March 5, 2017 -- VIENNA - MRI and spectroscopy can accurately measure fat volumes in bariatric patients before and after surgery, according to the results of a German study presented at ECR 2017 on Saturday.  Discuss
Clinical trials to shed new light on preoperative breast MRI
March 5, 2017 -- Is breast MRI really diagnosing more false positives than mammography? What changes for preoperative breast MRI can be expected after the latest clinical trials? These are among the important unanswered questions in breast MRI that will be discussed at today's master class at ECR 2017.  Discuss
Brain maps aid understanding of human cognition
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - Detailed brain maps compiled from voxel-based morphometry of brain MR images can yield new insights into human cognition, including evidence that the hippocampus has an important role in executive function, according to a Saturday morning presentation at ECR 2017.  Discuss
ECR 2017 stands tall as showcase for product launches
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - The European Congress of Radiology in recent years has come into its own as a showcase for new launches of medical imaging products. ECR 2017 was no exception, with a variety of new scanner debuts in MRI, CT, and other modalities.  Discuss
To be or not to be alarmed over gadolinium contrast? That is the question
March 3, 2017 -- The medical imaging community should be neither alarmed nor develop a gadolinium phobia while waiting for guidance from regulators over controversial gadolinium contrast agents. This is the opinion of Dr. Howard Rowley from the University of Wisconsin in the U.S. and president of the American Society of Neuroradiology.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Johannes Heverhagen on gadolinium contrast
March 2, 2017 -- VIENNA - Gadolinium phobia remains a very real danger in Europe, but practical measures can help to reduce the risk, according to Dr. Johannes Heverhagen, PhD, from the University Hospital of Bern in Switzerland. In this video from ECR 2017, he also provides an update on the European Medicines Agency's investigation.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Martin Mack on soccer injuries
March 2, 2017 -- VIENNA - The giants of German football, FC Bayern Munich, are top of the Bundesliga and looking very strong in the Champions League this season. Dr. Martin Mack, a specialist in diagnostic radiology at Radiology Group Practice Munich, reveals how the imaging of the star-studded team's finest players is organized.  Discuss
Siemens to launch new 3T Vida MRI scanner at ECR 2017
February 28, 2017 -- Siemens Healthineers plans to use ECR 2017 this week as the platform to launch Magnetom Vida, a new 3-tesla MRI scanner. Vida is the first system based on BioMatrix, a new Siemens technology that adapts scanning parameters to patient anatomy and physiology.  Discuss