Swedish MRI study offers new clues to causes of atrial fibrillation
September 27, 2021 -- Researchers from Gothenburg in Sweden have found that atrial fibrillation was associated with a history of symptomatic stroke and brain pathologic markers, such as large infarcts, lacunes, and silent brain infarcts. Read More
French team develops cardiac MRI technique for COVID-19 detection
September 27, 2021 -- Investigators from Bordeaux, France, have used a high-resolution cardiac MRI technique to diagnose myocardial injuries in patients with COVID-19. They published their results on 18 September in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
What's radiology's role when it comes to epidemics?
September 21, 2021 -- A special exhibition on epidemics is due to open its doors soon in Hildesheim, Germany. This major event provides a great opportunity for us to think about where exactly medical imaging fits in, the Maverinck writes. Read More
Athlete narrowly avoids MRI accident at Tokyo Paralympics
September 20, 2021 -- A serious adverse event almost occurred in the MRI scanning suite during the recent Paralympic Games in Tokyo, chief radiologist Dr. Yukihisa Saida has revealed. The incident indicates the importance of finding out exactly what materials an artificial limb is made from. Read More
1.5T MRI matches 3T for image quality in hip study
September 16, 2021 -- Multiparametric MRI on 3-tesla scanners showed little advantage over 1.5-tesla imaging in a direct comparison in prostate cancer patients with total hip replacements. The German study was published on 11 September in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
Clinical decisions and how to assess the value of a life
September 14, 2021 -- Decisions affecting people's health, livelihoods, and welfare are -- and need to be -- made all the time. But how useful are quality-adjusted life years, or QALYs, in this process? Interventional radiologist Dr. Chris Hammond has some answers. Read More
Making the switch from radiologist to Olympic sports physician
September 7, 2021 -- Dr. Michiko Dohi is a leading sports physician in Japan. After playing a prominent role at the Tokyo Olympics, she reflects on her career. She reveals how she moved from clinical radiology into elite sports medicine and how French MRI pioneer Prof. Denis Le Bihan inspired her. Read More
What are the 4 greatest challenges facing radiology right now?
September 6, 2021 -- Visibility and making patients and decision-makers -- particularly politicians -- understand the importance of having strong radiology departments is the main challenge facing the profession, says the senior radiologist Dr. Raman Uberoi from Oxford, U.K. Read More
New research puts focus on coronary microvascular disease in long COVID
September 2, 2021 -- A German-led study has identified a significantly reduced microvascular perfusion post COVID-19 compared with healthy controls, irrespective of symptoms and disease severity. The findings were presented at the recent European Society of Cardiology annual congress. Read More
Can AI help to improve radiologist accuracy in prostate MRI?
September 1, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer-aided detection software application can improve the performance of radiologists in reading biparametric prostate MRI exams, according to Swiss-led research. Read More