Promising MRI technique prepares to enter the clinical arena
June 7, 2023 -- Zero echo-time is shining light on a wide range of developmental, traumatic, inflammatory, rheumatological, and oncological conditions and can open the door for more MRI-based musculoskeletal studies and morphometric analyses, researchers from a leading U.K. hospital have reported. Read More
Portable MRI revs into duty at Spain's Moto Grand Prix
June 7, 2023 -- TORONTO - Portable MRI is proving to be a valuable tool at major sporting events -- including the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship held in Valencia in November 2022, according to a presentation at ISMRM 2023. Read More
MRI detects brain changes in past cannabis users
June 6, 2023 -- Heavy cannabis use in adolescence to early adulthood is associated with volumetric differences in subregions of the hippocampus and amygdala, researchers from New Zealand have reported at ISMRM 2023 in Toronto. Read More
Baessler: Interest grows in MR radiomics, but it needs direction
June 5, 2023 -- TORONTO - Radiomics has come a long way, but standardization and better-quality studies are vital before it becomes a true staple, Prof. Bettina Baessler from Würzburg in Germany said in a keynote talk on 3 June at ISMRM 2023. Read More
Italian team investigates how to cut MRI contrast residuals in wastewater
June 5, 2023 -- TORONTO - Can the amount of MRI and CT contrast residuals found in hospital wastewater be reduced? Yes, according to research from Milan presented on 2 June at ISMRM 2023. Read More
Sharp rise occurs in referrals of young women to breast clinics
May 30, 2023 -- Increasing numbers of women under 35 are being referred to symptomatic breast clinics, resulting in greater demand for imaging services, despite unchanged and low incidence of breast cancer within this age group, researchers from Dublin have reported. Read More
Home reporting is no bed of roses or panacea for radiology
May 30, 2023 -- Home reporting can help to boost radiologists' productivity and avoid fatigue and burnout, but it requires careful planning, considerable thought, and rigorous attention to detail, according to a new 12-page free guide from the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists. Read More
Teaching guru gives 10 top tips for younger radiologists
May 23, 2023 -- Build strong relationships with clinical colleagues, never compromise on standards, and keep a list of colleagues who will listen and offer sound advice. Those are among the tips from training expert Dr. John Curtis. Read More
CEM on par with breast MRI in lobular breast cancer staging
May 22, 2023 -- Contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM) may be a viable alternative to breast MRI for preoperative staging of invasive lobular carcinoma, suggests a Dutch study led by Dr. Marc Lobbes, PhD, from Maastricht University. Read More
Germany's dream team turns on the style in Wiesbaden
May 18, 2023 -- Radiologists in Germany are in upbeat mood after an overwhelmingly positive first day at the 104th German Congress of Radiology, RöKo 2023. The meeting is being held in Wiesbaden from 17 to 19 May under the presidency of breast imaging pioneer Prof. Christiane Kuhl. Read More