RöKo 2018: Neural network looks deep into the lungs
May 17, 2018 -- Today's radiologists can use elaborate, computer-supported analysis methods to learn far more from CT data. A study presented at the German Radiology Congress (Deutscher Röntgenkongress, RöKo 2018) showed that CT datasets can provide a fairly precise assessment of lung function.  Discuss
Kauczor: Lung cancer screening works if you do it right
May 10, 2018 -- Lung cancer screening was a central theme at the German Radiology Congress (Deutscher Röntgenkongress, RöKo 2018) in Leipzig. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Kauczor from Heidelberg explained how screening with low-dose CT can be used effectively.  Discuss
Postmortem CTA can help clarify cause of death
May 9, 2018 -- Postmortem CT is finding favor as an alternative to conventional autopsy alone. But Swiss researchers have added a new wrinkle -- postmortem CT angiography (CTA) -- which they found useful in detecting bone and vascular lesions during virtual autopsies, according to research published online on May 1 in Radiology.  Discuss
Start-ups feature in Barcelona congress
May 4, 2018 -- Organized by the European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO), the ESTRO 37 meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain, from 20 to 24 April. Over 100 companies displayed their products in the 5,400-square-meter exhibition. We look at the technology being developed by four emerging players.  Discuss
CAD gains momentum for scoring of lung nodules
May 2, 2018 -- Computer-aided detection (CAD) and risk stratification are useful for excluding lung cancer on thoracic CT, according to Scottish and Dutch researchers. CAD followed by radiology review of suspicious cases is cost-effective and can lead to a 30% reduction in screening costs, they say.  Discuss
10 tips to improve productivity in reporting
May 1, 2018 -- Reporting imaging examinations is an integral part of every radiologist's working life, but how could this task be done more effectively? Dr. Giles Maskell, past president of the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists, has a wealth of experience of reporting, and he shares some practical and creative hints on how to boost productivity.  Discuss
French groups make peace on reimbursement
April 27, 2018 -- After a prolonged battle, France's union of private radiologists signed a three-year agreement over imaging prices on 26 April with the union of health insurers. The settlement paves the way for better control of imaging costs without endangering the future of the discipline.  Discuss
U.K. issues new advice on reporting standards
April 23, 2018 -- The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has updated its standards for any healthcare professional providing a report on an imaging investigation. The document defines best practice and emphasizes the importance of actionable reporting, according to RCR President Dr. Nicola Strickland.  Discuss
Irish propose new coding system for CT colon exams
April 19, 2018 -- Following an audit of more than 1,800 CT scans of the colon for the assessment of diverticular disease, Irish researchers have proposed a new coding system that enables a better clinical decision to be made about the next step in patient management.  Discuss
CT dose comes under close scrutiny in Saudi Arabia
April 10, 2018 -- A comprehensive study of diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) in Saudi Arabia has shown that the current levels are comparable with European DRLs, thanks to cutting-edge imaging technology, but patient dose varies between departments depending on scanning mode and protocols used.  Discuss