How to train the medical physicists of the future
May 10, 2019 -- At the recent European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology meeting in Milan, a debate examined the skills that medical physicists will require in 10 years' time and asked how training for medical physicists specializing in radiation oncology should develop over the next decade. Five expert speakers presented their thoughts -- and then let the audience decide.  Discuss
Extended exposure to radiation boosts hypertension risk
May 8, 2019 -- Long-term exposure to low doses of radiation appears to increase the risk of hypertension, according to a large Russian study published on 3 May in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension.  Discuss
AI-based FFR-CT software offers robust performance
May 8, 2019 -- Different CT tube voltage levels didn't hinder the performance of a prototype artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm for estimating fractional flow reserve on coronary CT angiography (FFR-CT), according to a study by a multinational research group published on 30 April in the American Journal of Roentgenology.  Discuss
U.K. team uses CT method to assess pulmonary ventilation
April 30, 2019 -- Using a CT-based computational model to determine the ventilation heterogeneity of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with increased detail can improve the stratification of these patients according to their disease severity and evaluate their suitability for regional treatment, researchers from Oxford, U.K., have found.  Discuss
Belgian team warns about health effects of vaping
April 24, 2019 -- Two senior radiologists from Belgium have issued a fresh warning about the potentially harmful effects of electronic cigarettes on health, and they have called for more research into this emerging field. Their findings are to be presented soon at the European Society of Thoracic Imaging congress in Paris.  Discuss
Conebeam CT mitigates cardiac motion during imaging
April 23, 2019 -- Robotic C-arm conebeam CT helps guide interventional cardiac surgical procedures and can be valuable in radiotherapy, but the intrinsic motion of the beating heart causes blurring and image artifacts. A new technique can help overcome this limitation.  Discuss
3D-bioprinted model mimics real human heart properties
April 22, 2019 -- Researchers from Israel have created a 3D-printed model that captures the immunological, biochemical, cellular, and anatomical properties of a real human heart, according to an article published online on 15 April in Advanced Science.  Discuss
Italians unveil new data on prolonged CT lung screening
April 16, 2019 -- Fresh statistics from the Multicentric Italian Lung Detection trial have underlined the increasing benefits of CT lung screening over time -- starting after the fifth year. The authors reported a 39% reduction in lung cancer mortality risk for eligible smokers at 10 years.  Discuss
German team employs AR for CT-guided spine surgery
April 15, 2019 -- A group from Germany used augmented reality (AR) technology to overlay CT scans onto patients with spinal lesions -- lowering the radiation dose required for CT-guided surgery while maintaining high navigational accuracy, according to an article published online on 5 April in the European Spine Journal.  Discuss
AI malware highlights imaging's security weaknesses
April 8, 2019 -- An Israeli team has developed malware based on an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to draw attention to serious security weaknesses in medical imaging equipment and the networks that transmit those images, reported an article posted on 3 April by the Washington Post.  Discuss