Patients' eye shields rarely have impact on diagnosis
January 23, 2019 -- Allowing patients to wear eye shields to protect the eye lens from radiation during CT scans caused some image artifacts, but these rarely affected interpretation of the examination in a new study by researchers from Germany, published online on 15 January.  Discuss
MRI takes giant strides in diagnosis of sarcopenia
January 22, 2019 -- Prizewinning researchers from Spain are convinced that advanced MRI sequences and associated parameters are making rapid progress and may play a future role in monitoring the progression and treatment of sarcopenia, an increasingly common disease involving loss of skeletal muscle mass, strength, and function due to aging.  Discuss
Golf, gardening, and gadding about
January 21, 2019 -- What do radiologists do when they retire? Dr. Paul Dubbins, who played the grumpy old man in Vienna in the classic ECR video sketch, describes how he spends his time now that he's left full-time employment. He's keeping well clear of cruise ships, golf courses, and large gardens and has no plans to report chest x-rays.  Discuss
RCR: Checklists can save lives and careers
January 18, 2019 -- "The best radiologist I ever met was also the one with the saddest career-ending story," noted Dr. Tony Nicholson from Leeds, U.K. "Experienced in hundreds of biopsies, he got the wrong side one day. He was busy and distracted," he said. The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) thinks safety checklists can help avoid situations like this.  Discuss
Imaging aquatic life: Diving into the unknown
January 16, 2019 -- VALENCIA - The creatures that live under the sea have inspired humans over history, and even the congress poster for ECR 2019 has a nautical theme, but many aquatic species remain elusive. Imaging can help reveal some of their secrets and protect and care for them, a veterinarian from Spain told attendees at a recent congress.  Discuss
How to avoid pitfalls in interpretation of adrenal imaging
January 15, 2019 -- A clear understanding of the pitfalls in the performance and interpretation of adrenal CT can help prevent incorrect and inappropriate investigations, award-winning researchers from a top London facility have found. It's essential to keep aware of the full range of pseudolesions and mimics, they said.  Discuss
CT guidance for spinal injections comes under scrutiny
January 14, 2019 -- Swiss researchers found that CT guidance allowed interventional radiologists to perform spinal injections just as effectively as they did using fluoroscopy but with much lower personal radiation exposure, according to an article published online on 8 January in Radiology. CT guidance led to higher radiation exposure to patients, however.  Discuss
French radiology responds strongly to 'disdainful' criticism
January 3, 2019 -- France's National Council of Radiology has reacted angrily to a series of negative comments made about the profession by an expert in infectious diseases. The remarks were made in a recent editorial in the weekly political and news magazine Le Point.  Discuss
Global survey finds wide variation in CT radiation dose
January 2, 2019 -- Substantial variation in radiation dose used for CT scans is mainly due to how the scanners are used by medical staff rather than differences in the patients scanned or the machines used, according to an extensive international study published on 2 January in BMJ.  Discuss
AR enhances visualization of shoulder joint for surgery
January 2, 2019 -- Researchers from France have developed a new technique that uses augmented reality (AR) images based on CT scans to improve visualization preoperatively and intraoperatively for shoulder replacement surgery, according to an article published online in Orthopaedics and Traumatology: Surgery and Research.  Discuss