Can a more rigorous approach to justification reduce patient deaths?
November 22, 2022 -- Important questions remain unanswered after the death of a 43-year-old Australian woman who underwent a wellness scan: Should she have had the CT exam? Should the anaphylactic reaction have been better managed? What does the case tell us about the justification issue? Read More
Not all suspected cases of acute aortic syndrome get vital CT exams
November 21, 2022 -- Do all patients with suspected acute aortic syndrome receive CT aortography for diagnosis of the condition? Perhaps not, according to a team of New Zealand investigators. Read More
Team Edinburgh unveils novel cardiac CT findings
November 3, 2022 -- Scottish cardiothoracic imaging researchers have reported that quantifying a person's heart plaque using CT coronary angiography may help to determine the type of heart attack the patient is experiencing. Read More
Spanish team shows promise of virtual reality in TAVR procedures
October 31, 2022 -- A research group from Barcelona has reported positive findings about a virtual reality headset that uses information from multidetector CT to help interventional radiologists tailor transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures. Read More
Video from JFR 2022: Gangi on French radiology and burnout
October 10, 2022 -- PARIS - How do the public and private sectors work together in French radiology? Prof. Afshin Gangi from Strasbourg shed light on France's unique system. In a video interview at the French national radiology congress, JFR, he also speaks about how his team avoids burnout. Read More
Imaging demonstrates how HIV scores 'direct hit' to heart muscle
September 16, 2022 -- The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) may have an impact on the heart not only via the development of coronary artery disease but also by a "direct hit to the heart muscle," a team of researchers from a top London facility has found. Read More
Does FFR-CT really offer value in real-world practice?
September 5, 2022 -- In real-world clinical practice, fractional flow-reserve CT (FFR-CT) software may not yield any improvement over standard radiological assessment of coronary artery disease, according to a study published on 18 August in Clinical Radiology. Read More
ESC: Cardiac screening including CT may not reduce mortality
August 30, 2022 -- Men who were invited to participate in a screening program for heart disease that included cardiac CT scans didn't have lower mortality rates, a Danish study has found. The results were presented at the annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). Read More
Cardiac MRI technique assists in evaluating chemotherapy's effects
August 26, 2022 -- Researchers from a top London facility have developed a novel cardiac MRI technique that can help clinicians to measure chemotherapy's effectiveness in patients with light-chain cardiac amyloidosis, or "stiff heart syndrome." Read More
AI tool shows promise in stenosis detection in vulnerable patients
June 14, 2022 -- A new artificial intelligence (AI) tool can accurately detect coronary CT angiography images of the arteries with significant stenoses, flagging them for priority reading by a human expert in a few seconds, a French expert has reported. Read More