French woman faring well after 3D-printed shoulder implant
October 9, 2017 -- On 17 May 2015, a rifle bullet penetrated the shoulder blade of Nathalie Dufaut Danjon, wrecking the bone anatomy but leaving the nerves intact.
Schönberg: Spirit of innovation must continue unbroken
October 6, 2017 -- The new president of the German Radiological Society (Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft, DRG), Dr. Stefan Schönberg, reflects on the changes taking place in the fast-moving world of medical imaging and shares his thoughts on the challenges ahead.  Discuss
Imaging work recognized in Nobel Prize in chemistry
October 4, 2017 -- The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry 2017 to three researchers who developed cryo-electron microscopy to improve the imaging of biological molecules.
Mirada awarded French GPO contract
October 4, 2017 -- Imaging software developer Mirada Medical will supply its Zero-Click Contouring software to the French group purchasing organization (GPO) UniHA.
GE launches 3D printing center in Europe
October 3, 2017 -- GE Healthcare has opened its first European 3D printing and design center in Uppsala, Sweden.
Mirada, BTG extend partnership
September 27, 2017 -- Imaging software developer Mirada Medical has signed a three-year master service agreement with international healthcare firm BTG for multiple projects to support BTG's portfolio of interventional medicine products.
GE highlights Voluson E10 upgrades at ISUOG
September 22, 2017 -- GE Healthcare highlighted upgrades to its Voluson E10 ultrasound device at the recent International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) meeting in Vienna.
Why all the hype over 3D printing? Plus how to do it
September 21, 2017 -- As specialists in the viewing, manipulation, and interpretation of 3D medical datasets, radiologists are in the ideal position to exploit the full potential of 3D printing, but their lack of knowledge of the process could hold them back, according to researchers from a top London hospital.  Discuss
Mazor gets CE Mark for Mazor X
September 20, 2017 -- Surgical navigation software developer Mazor Robotics has obtained the CE Mark for its Mazor X surgical assurance platform.
Researchers visualize cardiac conduction system in 3D
September 13, 2017 -- A multinational research group has used 3D reconstruction of micro-CT images to visualize -- for the first time in 3D -- the group of cells that cause the heart to beat. The method shows promise for helping cardiologists plan heart surgeries and achieve better patient outcomes.  Discuss
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