Researchers use 7-tesla MRI to generate 3D brain maps
May 1, 2018 -- Austrian researchers are using 7-tesla MRI to create precise maps of the brain before surgery to help surgeons avoid damaging vital areas, according to the Austrian Science Fund.
GE signs image analysis software distribution deal
April 26, 2018 -- GE Healthcare has entered into a software license and distribution agreement with a U.K. medical imaging technology company, Feedback Medical.
Mirada, Institut Curie sign AI software deal
April 16, 2018 -- Imaging software developer Mirada Medical has signed a collaboration agreement with Institut Curie for the clinical use of its DLCExpert artificial intelligence (AI)-based autocontouring software for radiation therapy.
Perspectum Diagnostics highlights LiverMultiScan research
April 13, 2018 -- Image analysis software developer Perspectum Diagnostics is directing attention to new research that found its LiverMultiScan software to be effective in diagnosing and monitoring liver disease.
French use augmented reality to boost dose awareness
April 4, 2018 -- Prizewinning French researchers are reporting success with their own system that provides real-time visual feedback about radiation exposure and the 3D propagation of scattered radiation using augmented reality. The system can increase dose awareness and reduce overexposure risks.  Discuss
Brainlab, Varian team up on product integrations
April 3, 2018 -- Image-guided therapy firm Brainlab has signed a deal with Varian Medical Systems to enable interoperability between its ExacTrac software and several Varian radiation oncology systems.
Platforms vs. tools: The advanced visualization breakup
March 28, 2018 -- Is the advanced visualization market breaking in two? That's the thought-provoking question asked by market analyst Ulrik Kristensen, PhD. He provides answers based on what he learned at this month's ECR 2018 in Vienna.  Discuss
Advantis wins CE Mark for neuroimaging software
March 20, 2018 -- Image processing software developer Advantis Medical Imaging has received the CE Mark for Brainance MD, a cloud-based software platform for advanced visualization and postprocessing of brain MRI exams.
3D printing can identify device size for LAA occlusion
March 13, 2018 -- Determining the best occluder device size necessary to properly seal the left atrial appendage (LAA) before implanting the device may be feasible with the assistance of 3D printing, according to two separate presentations at ECR 2018 in Vienna.
Hybrid 3D printing reduces chest tumor surgery times
March 12, 2018 -- Researchers from Spain have created 3D-printed lung cancer models based on a combination of CT scans and MR images. They explained how to make these hybrid models and also described the advantages of using them to guide tumor removal in an ECR 2018 poster presentation that won a cum laude award.  Discuss
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