ECR 2022 News
Video from ECR 2022: Candice Whitfield on cybersecurity and PACS
July 15, 2022 -- VIENNA - The Irish healthcare service was hit hard by a huge cybersecurity attack in May 2021, and the impact is still being felt. Informatics specialist Candice Whitfield reflects on the incident and how the imaging community can protect itself. She also discusses her role as a RIS PACS manager and her love of rugby.  Discuss
ECR: AI enhances detection of pulmonary nodules
July 15, 2022 -- VIENNA - Artificial intelligence (AI)-based software can help radiologists detect more lung nodules on CT, regardless of whether they use the software concurrently during interpretation or afterward as a second reader, according to research presented 15 July at ECR 2022.  Discuss
ECR: Attention focuses on best use of pediatric CT in COVID-19 cases
July 15, 2022 -- VIENNA - Is chest CT indicated for children with suspected COVID-19? Perhaps not, according to a panel discussion held on 14 July at ECR 2022.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2022: Christian Loewe on training and running
July 15, 2022 -- VIENNA - Education must be practical, fun, informative, and wherever possible, hands-on. That's the view of Prof. Dr. Christian Loewe, who is one of the organizers of the Cube interventional radiology facility at ECR 2022. In this interview, he also discusses Friday afternoon's session on sports imaging, "Radiological chariots of fire."  Discuss
ECR: Don't fear lymphadenopathy after vaccination
July 15, 2022 -- Researchers continue to gain ground in understanding lymphadenopathy caused by the COVID-19 vaccines, and several presenters discussed their findings on the topic on 13 July at ECR 2022.  Discuss
ECR: What's the truth about interpretation errors?
July 15, 2022 -- VIENNA - Errors or missed findings on radiology exams are a reality, with some estimates putting their daily incidence at 3% to 5%, Dr. Adrian Brady, first vice-president of the European Society of Radiology, told ECR 2022 attendees on 14 July.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2022: Valentin Sinitsyn on how Russian radiology is doing
July 14, 2022 -- VIENNA - How have Russian radiologists fared since February 2022? Has there been widespread disruption? How many of them have made the trip to ECR 2022? For answers, we spoke with Prof. Valentin Sinitsyn, who is president of the Russian Society of Radiology.  Discuss
ECR: AI can be a useful aid for bone age assessment
July 14, 2022 -- VIENNA - An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can accurately assess bone age on hand x-rays, yielding interchangeable performance to that of experienced musculoskeletal radiologists in research presented on 14 July at ECR 2022.  Discuss
ECR: U.S. expert urges annual breast screening starting at 40
July 14, 2022 -- VIENNA - U.S. research shows that annual breast cancer screening starting at age 40 is the most effective way to reduce mortality from the disease, according to a presentation delivered on 13 July at ECR 2022.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2022: What does Paul Parizel make of the summer congress?
July 14, 2022 -- VIENNA - Prof. Paul Parizel has arguably made the longest journey of any ECR 2022 delegate, coming from the city known as the world's most isolated capital. He talks about his journey from Perth to Vienna, his impressions of this year's congress, and how European radiologists can make a fresh start in Australia.  Discuss