ECR 2013 News
Top 10 stories for ECR 2013
April 8, 2013 -- was pleased to provide coverage of ECR 2013 in Vienna. Here are the top 10 stories from our RADCast@ECR as measured by member traffic.  Discuss
Esaote shows MRI, ultrasound upgrades at ECR 2013
March 18, 2013 -- MRI and ultrasound vendor Esaote introduce new technologies for its products at ECR 2013 in Vienna.
Thales launches R/F detector at ECR 2013
March 15, 2013 -- Digital x-ray developer Thales Group launched a new flat-panel digital radiography (DR) detector at ECR 2013 in Vienna.
Free downloads available of ECR Today 2013 daily issues
March 13, 2013 -- The editorial team at again helped the European Society of Radiology to write and edit its daily congress newspaper for ECR 2013, ECR Today.
Adding digital tomo to mammography boosts cancer detection rate
March 12, 2013 -- VIENNA - Adding digital breast tomosynthesis to digital mammography increased the breast cancer detection rate from 1.26% to 2.03%, in a study from Spain presented on Monday at ECR 2013.  Discuss
High-field MRI exposure linked to radiographers' depression
March 11, 2013 -- VIENNA - As MRI continues to advance to greater magnet strengths to uncover mysteries in the body, researchers warned on Monday at ECR 2013 that constant exposure to high-field systems could lead to psychological problems such as clinical depression among MRI radiographers.  Discuss
Prone-supine matching algorithm shows high accuracy in CTC
March 11, 2013 -- VIENNA - U.K. researchers have developed an accurate matching algorithm to deal with the gnarly problem of integrating prone and supine CT colonography (CTC) datasets, according to a presentation at ECR 2013.  Discuss
Multislice CT can identify unknown infection, change treatment
March 11, 2013 -- VIENNA - Multislice CT can solve the mystery behind unknown or suspected infection and alter treatment plans to provide more effective therapy, according to a German study presented on Sunday at ECR 2013.  Discuss
A 3-piece jigsaw: patient, radiologist, clinician. But do they fit together?
March 11, 2013 -- VIENNA - The delicate balance of power and complex set of interactions between radiologists, patients, and clinicians was the subject of some lively and frank discussion at Sunday's professional challenges session, which followed a novel and original format, at ECR 2013.  Discuss
Gymnasts' spines, footballers' ankles, and golfers' wrists take the strain
March 11, 2013 -- VIENNA - The ultrademanding and highly competitive nature of modern professional sport was visible to all during Sunday's refresher course on overuse injuries at ECR 2013. An international group of radiologists discussed common injuries in professional athletes and what to look for when imaging these patients.  Discuss