ECR 2012 News
Politics blocks widespread use of breast MRI for implants
March 7, 2012 -- VIENNA - In the region served by the Ribera public hospital, around 10,000 women have received defective Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) implants, a population that would quickly overwhelm the radiology service if MRI examinations were authorized, according to Dr. Julia Camps Herrero, head of radiology at the center in Alzira, Valencia, Spain.  Discuss
Prepare for a shock: There's a new kid on the block in tumor ablation
March 7, 2012 -- VIENNA - Ever thought of giving your patient an electric shock? The idea may sound like something out of a Frankenstein movie, but more interventional radiologists may soon be doing this if the initial promise of irreversible electroporation is supported by further research.  Discuss
Teleradiology, mobile devices look certain to bring big changes
March 6, 2012 -- VIENNA - Radiology and the role of radiologists will have to be redefined in light of the rapid and sustained growth of telemedicine and mobile applications. That was the central message of Sunday's special focus session, "Radiology on the road."  Discuss
Iterative reconstruction cuts critical eye lens dose
March 5, 2012 -- VIENNA - The use of iterative reconstruction significantly reduces radiation exposure to the eye lens in head CT exams, investigators from the Czech Republic reported on Monday at the 2012 European Congress of Radiology.  Discuss
PET/MR performs well in assessing pulmonary masses
March 5, 2012 -- VIENNA - PET/MR is a feasible technique that yields diagnostic image quality in evaluating lung masses, according to results presented at a Monday scientific session of the European Congress of Radiology.  Discuss
Trial shows no NSF from gadolinium, even in dialysis patients
March 5, 2012 -- VIENNA - Even dialysis patients can safely undergo contrast-enhanced MRI without the risk of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) if a few safety guidelines are followed, according to the final results of the multicenter Pro-FINEST study presented on Sunday at the European Congress of Radiology.  Discuss
Emergence of intraoperative imaging brings hospital-wide changes
March 5, 2012 -- VIENNA - In addition to providing practical information about intraoperative imaging, this morning's refresher course will demonstrate how the adoption of digital image management by disciplines and departments outside of radiology for their own clinical purposes is gathering momentum.  Discuss
Molecular imaging: Researcher forsees application in myocardial failure
March 5, 2012 -- In a dedicated minicourse on Monday at the European Congress of Radiology, a panel of experts will show that molecular imaging can -- and soon could -- offer improvements in the efficiency of treatment.  Discuss
DR exhibitors put renewed emphasis on portability
March 5, 2012 -- VIENNA - More maneuverable mobile x-ray systems, low-cost and robust units designed for these challenging economic times, and an improved approach to mammography -- these are all clear aspects of the new digital radiography (DR) offerings on display in the European Congress of Radiology technical exhibition.  Discuss
Goodman captivates ECR attendees with insight on venous thromboembolism
March 5, 2012 -- VIENNA - It may seem hard to believe, but the first reference to venous thromboembolism was made between 600 and 900 B.C. in a Sanskrit text. This was one of many fascinating facts presented by Dr. Lawrence Goodman during Sunday's Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Honorary Lecture.  Discuss