TeraRecon shows updated iNtuition at ECR

By AuntMinnieEurope.com staff writers
March 5, 2012

Advanced visualization firm TeraRecon has released version 4.4.7 of its iNtuition enterprise image management software, with enhanced support for interoperability and quantitative imaging, at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna.

Version 4.4.7 features lobular decomposition, an analysis and segmentation tool designed for any structure or organ region that is intertwined with a treelike structure. The tool allows a user to select the volume of interest, as well as the trees related to it, and to partition the volume into lobes or territories that are closest to the tree or any specific sub-branch.

In addition, the volumetric histogram feature supports analysis of a volume of interest based on partition of voxels into different intensity or density ranges.

Through integrating quantitative metadata, measurements and other quantitative results obtained with iNtuition can be reported, tracked, stored, and mined, the company said.

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