AuntMinnieEurope Headline Service Example

AuntMinnieEurope Headline Service Example:


Putting our Headline Service on your website is easy! With the Headline Service, you can display up-to-the-minute headlines with links to articles on our site. Display of the headlines is highly customizable allowing you to alter the number of headlines, table size, background color and font size/color to fit the existing look and layout of your web page. Find your desired style with the tool below, click below to get the code, then copy and paste the code onto your page.

If you leave any of the fields blank, the relevant styles will become the default for the page. This may be desirable in cases where you already have some specific settings, such as a default color for links.

Headlines to Display:   Max. 12
Border Color:
Background Color:
Header Font Size:
Header Font Color:
News Font Size:
News Font Color:

Optional: If you would like to style the headlines using CSS, click here to see the CSS guide.

Get code for the headlines