Chinese woman follows handbag into x-ray machine
February 15, 2018 -- A woman at a southern China railway station climbed onto the station's x-ray security machine to follow her bag, fearing it would be stolen as it went through, according to a BBC report.
ESR launches radiation dose monitoring survey
February 15, 2018 -- The European Society of Radiology (ESR) EuroSafe Imaging initiative is inviting participation in an online questionnaire about the clinical use of radiation dose monitoring software in CT.
New tribute posted to Judith Adams
February 14, 2018 -- The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has posted a tribute to Prof. Judith Elizabeth Adams, the leading musculoskeletal radiologist who passed away on 30 September 2017 after discovering her own malignancy on an abdominal CT scan. to launch European content
February 14, 2018 -- Breast density education group has announced a plan to launch specialized content for Europe and neighboring countries.
Mevion brings compact proton accelerator to the Netherlands
February 14, 2018 -- Proton therapy developer Mevion Medical Systems has delivered the compact accelerator for its S250i proton therapy system to a clinic in the Netherlands.
TeamBest debuts new line of cyclotrons
February 14, 2018 -- TeamBest company members Best Cyclotron Systems and Best Theratronics have introduced a new family of cyclotrons that produce isotopes for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications.
NHS Scotland moves to recruit radiologists
February 13, 2018 -- The National Health Service (NHS) Scotland has launched a plan to address its shortage of radiologists with an international recruiting drive to fill 32 vacancies for imaging physicians.
Liver MRI software could halve the number of biopsies
February 13, 2018 -- Scanning technology from liver MRI software developer Perspectum Diagnostics could almost halve the number of liver biopsies carried out in people with fatty liver disease, the firm announced.
MedaPhor initiates new pilot of analysis software
February 13, 2018 -- U.K. ultrasound training developer MedaPhor announced the first pilot of its ScanNav real-time image analysis software at a London hospital.
Radiologist calls on BMA to change its position on assisted dying
February 9, 2018 -- The continuing opposition of the British Medical Association (BMA) to assisted dying is at odds with the views of most doctors and patients, and undermines the association's credibility, a U.K. radiologist wrote in an article published on 7 February in the BMJ.